Running Around

The Run Around

Well, it is track season.  Mrs. Frier was checking out the track and verifying its measurements before
 Need some hints - kinda  
She had brought some treats to bring to the class in honour of March 14 and put the bag down on the bench while she measured the track.  She had a strange sensation that someone was watching.  She noticed a strange image - kind of like crop circles - in the middle of the grass field and then everything went wonky.   It looked familiar. Mrs. Frier took a picture to take back to class. Wonder how much black paint that took.  Wonder if it was on purpose.   

Oh well, on with the task.  The inner field was 100 m long for the straight part and 63.7 m wide.  That should make the track correct. Will need to check that later..

While there, Mrs. Frier decided to go for a run to use her GPS to check the distance around.  She ran 5 K at a somewhat disappointing 6:30/K.  She really needs to get out running more often. She forgot to count laps as she kept stopping to see if someone was following her (it felt like someone else was there) and then the GPS fritzed before she could read the time.  

Just at that moment she saw a short squat green blur out of the corner of her eye...  Great...  That Jangle Joe hadn't left the planet and was hanging around again!  Hey, he's got the
bag with the treats!  Somebody stop him.  (How he can carry things with no arms is beyond our grasp..) He kept repeating: 

I am the beginning of the end, the end of every place.  I am the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space.
 Followed by "Mine, mine, mine".  He won't be able to eat right now, so he'll have to stash them.    
You need to find the treats before he comes back!

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