Wednesday, 14 February 2018

My Students give me Reasons to Teach


Teaching is more about the connections and relationships we have with our colleagues and students than with the curriculum.  Don't get me wrong, passion for the subject is important as without passion there is no enthusiasm over the long term for what we are teaching our students.  But greater than that is the idea that if we get to know our students as people rather than a number or a grade, then they will be more inclined to respect and enjoy the learning journey.  My students are not perfect - they make poor choices sometimes but they are young and learn.  Hopefully the next time they make a better choice.  Sometimes personalities clash - human nature dictates that will happen.  Sometimes we have more connects to some than others like anywhere in life.  All students should be treated fairly all the same.  

My students make be laugh, make me cry, inspire me and give me a reason to come to school every day.  

I write poetry for fun.  I wrote them a poem for Valentine's Day.