Circle Challenge

The Humble Circle 

A shape that is not a polygon and has no sides.  
It is infinite.  

Today you will do several investigations.  

You will need to have a device and use


Begin by conducting the Skittles Investigation.  With a partner or two selected randomly (see the lists on projector), you will use Skittles, a compass and a little calculation to investigate our humble circle.  You may not eat them until you are done, and show me you are all done.

Next you will move on to the Great Pizza Snack Inquiry!  

Snack Story:

You are on a road trip down south.  You and your travelling companions (aka your family), are hungry and still have a ways to go so you decide to pull over at the next rest stop.  Thanks to the Internet, you discover the following deals at the next stop.

What is the best deal (most pizza for least money)?  Why?  Do your work on a large vertical whiteboard.  

Riddle Time

Once done, the last clue will come your way. Solve the riddles and unlock the keys. 

Lock Box Here

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